The grants platform.
Rook connects charities and grant-giving institutions. We make it easy and efficient to set up and apply for grants, providing transparency and accountability every step of the way.

For Charities

  • Upload your details just once, then apply for any grant with a single click
  • Be notified of every grant that you are eligible for as it is announced
  • Use our feedback and insights system to improve your chances of winning grants
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For Trusts and Foundations

  • We do the due diligence to verify every charity on our platform, so you don't have to
  • Customise our platform to suit your preferred shortlisting and selection process
  • Our analytics help you track your organization's reach and effectiveness
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Q. Why should I use Rook?
A. Historically every grant-giving institution has had its own process and application system, meaning charities must dedicate time and money to reformatting the same information over and over to apply for each individual grant. Rook gets rid of all of this work, and lets charities apply for lots of grants by only filling in a single application form, allowing them to dedicate more of their time and money to good causes instead.
Q. Are you a charity?
A. No, for an organisation like ours it is most efficient to be a private company. However, our founding team has over a decade's experience in the charity and fund-raising sectors, and we work closely with charities, trusts and foundations to ensure our service is exactly tailored to their diverse needs.
Q. How much does it cost?
A. It will never cost charities a penny to use Rook to apply for grants. We charge trusts and foundations a small administrative fee set at 0.5% of each grant given.
Q. Can you advise me on how to make my grant applications better?
A. Certainly. We offer a consulting service, based on the data we gather about which applications are successful and why, to help you adjust and optimise your applications. Please contact us at for more details.